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6/12/2010 3:08:55 PM
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What are you thinking about love quality ?

To be desirable for someone wants you ?

or want someone accept your faults with content heart

If so , you can stay with your mom she only one can give you that .

wanna know my vision ? read this talks

-you made me loving you

-you making me hate you

-ill do that because you want me do but i dont want ( is that : mean i forced myself because i loving you OMG )

-your confusing me I dont know what i must doing for you to be happy ( is she waitng me to pleasing myself Shut It )

so i made all this for her but what she did to me ?

is she lie ?

in her heart somrthing more better ? or she just say what inside her heart

always all ladies wanna love but wanna me creating that love shes just ready to obey

is that true love we are waiting for ? you are waiting some guy come to build your own love ? or you wanna a thin woman making you loving Her ?

ill leave the decision making to you
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